The Solaire Grill Demo Program Is Try Before You Buy

When buying an expensive new infrared gas grill you are making a major purchase. Solaire has made available a program so the purchase does not feel like a leap of faith and hope for the best. You can try our Solaire Grill Demo at no risk and pay only the cost of shipping both ways. At the end of the trial you get a coupon that reimburses you this cost if you purchase a Solaire grill of your choice.

If you’ve been griling with a conventional grill your entire life you will be wondering if this thing will really meet the needs and can I conform my grilling habits to the requirements of infrared grilling. This really is HOT and FAST grilling as the heat is in direct contact with your food instead of a conduction type heat or heating the air around the food.

When shopping for a new grill, consumers often have a few big concerns:

  • Is it worth the significant investment?
  • Will it last that much longer than my cheaper grill?
  • Will it grill better than my old grill?

The Infrared Grill Demo Program Is A Test Drive

The Solaire Infrared Gas Grill Demo Program and the Solaire AllAbout Infrared Gas Grill are designed to address these concerns and help you make an informed decision before you buy. The the Solaire for a test drive!

The Solaire AllAbout grill is a smaller version of Solaire’s larger grills, but it still features all of the same construction details, durability, and performance. And you get to try it with no pressure and without a salesman hovering nearby! It’s also compact enough to ship via UPS, so you can try it out in your own backyard without having to go to a store.

The demo program is simple. You pay a $47 rental fee, which covers the cost of shipping, your grilling use, and cleaning and preparation of the grill. The demo period is two full weekends and the week in between. After the second weekend, you wipe down the grill and repack it in the carton. On Tuesday morning, you set it on your front porch for UPS to pick up.

When UPS picks up the grill, you’ll receive a certificate for a $47 discount on the purchase of any new Solaire infrared grill from a participating dealer within 30 days.

We’re confident that you’ll be blown away by the taste and juiciness of the food you grill on a Solaire Infrared gas grill. So why not give it a try?

Here are the steps to participate in the Solaire Infrared Gas Grill Demo Program:

  1. Go to the Solaire website and order a demo grill.
  2. Pay the $47 rental fee.
  3. Receive your grill via UPS.
  4. Grill for two full weekends and the week in between.
  5. Wipe down the grill and repack it in the carton.
  6. Set the grill on your front porch for UPS to pick up on Tuesday morning.
  7. Receive a $47 discount certificate to use on a new Solaire infrared gas grill from a participating dealer within 30 days.

We hope you enjoy your Solaire Infrared Gas Grill demo and join us as a full time Infrared Griller!

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