Everywhere and Anywhere Grill Differences

The difference between the Solaire Everywhere and Anywhere Grill

When it comes to a portable grill, Solaire has the best in the Everywhere and Anywhere Grills. These two are are your main options to get any decent cooking done. The other smaller Mini grill is only for a single steak no larger than 5″x8″ and although very portable, it should  be called a personal grill.

What is the difference between the Anywhere and the Everywhere grill?

The Solaire Anywhere grill was Solaire’s first offering for a real portable infrared grill with decent capacity. It was designed in 2003 and was the only option in its class until about 2011 when the Everywhere came on the scene. The goal for the everywhere grill was to be more compact and have the same grilling power at a lower price point. The goal was achieved and the Solaire Everywhere Portable Infrared Grill still has same performance and grilling surface area as the Anywhere grill.

There are 3 Key Differences

  1. Grade of Stainless Steel
  2. The Hood is Low Profile
  3. The Carry Bag

Grade of Stainless Steel Used

To achieve a lower price point Solaire used a different grade of stainless Steel. All Solaire grills use 304 Stainless steel with the exception of the Marine Grills which use 316 for extra corrosion resistence.

The Everywhere Grill uses  24 Guage Stianless Steel VS the 20 Guage used on the Anywhere Grill. This is part of the 2 key differences that reduce the weight of the Everywhere by 5 lbs and make it the most portable of Solaire Grills.

The Everywhere Grill’s Hood is Low Profile

The Hood of the Everywhere grill is much more low profile. Compared to the Anywhere the Everywhere sits 4″ shorter. The Everywhere sits 8″ height and the Anywhere is 12″ . This makes a difference when you are limited on space for the weekend outings!

The hoods on both grills remain open when cooking so there is no advantage to the bigger hood on the anywhere. The hood also serves to keep the grids in place during transport and provides protection for the burner system when the grill is not in use.

No Carry bag on the Everywhere

The Anywhere grill comes at a higher price point but we do include a carry bag. The Everywhere does not include this carry bag but it is available for purchase separately

They have the same Grilling Performance

Both of these are powerfull grills because they use the same infrared burner and the same Solaire grilling grates. The grilling surface is 14″ x 10″. Both these grills heat up fast (3 minutes) and cook food faster than other grills. At the same time you preserve the flavors and lock in those juices faster. These Portable Infrared grills are more than enough to take care of a family during a weekend outing or a tailgate party!

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