The 3 Types of Grills

The 3 Types of BBQ Grills

Here at Grill with Infrared we keep it simple and narrow down the different types of Grills into 3.




The Hot/Fast is the Infrared Grill

hot and fast infrared grill

The Hot/fast grill is the Solaire infrared grill which heats up to 1000 degrees in only 3 minutes. This happens even in the middle chill of winter. The extreme high heat locks in the intense flavor resulting in food that is grilled so much faster than the other types of grills.

This type of grill is ideal for the steak you just paid a premium for and it is in your best interest to lock in all of that costly flavor so there is minimal loss to the flames. The radient heat with seal off and lock in the juices so they end up in your mouth and stomach where they belong.

The Low/Slow is the Smokers

low and slow grll

the Low and slow are the low temperature slow cooking pellet smokers or egg type setups. These are wonderful for when you have more time to invest in producing a different type of result. Cuts of meat like brisket, ribs and boston butt are worth every bit of time it takes to break down the meat and produce the tender and juicy results you find in popular BBQ spots.

The option with the easiest learning curve will be the pellet smokers which maintain the set temperature without you needing to adjust baffles or stoking the burner. You can start experimenting with the different methods of producing the best brisket without having to learn temperature control on other smokers.

The Other Grills/Everything else

These are the other type of gas grills you find in all the box stores. The main difference is the cost of the build quality or the cost of the wrapper. This is the quality and durability of the materials surrounding the burners.  The main similarities are basic burner technology which heats the air surrounding the food. These never seem to get hot enough and this dries out the food and leave you with the gas/bbq flavor.

They are not good at either hot/fast or low/slow. It is best to stay away from just one grill that can do neither of these two well. Optimally you will want one grill for hot/fast and one for low/slow. If you end up with an “everything else” grill you will never produce those optimal results you see in steakhouses or BBQ restaurants. You will have a grill that does just OK at both.

Low/slow for the weekend and a hot/fast for busy weekdays.

Solaire is your Hot/Fast Grill

Steak on the Solaire infrared grill

The hot/fast Solaire infrared Grill produces even better than restaurant quality meats to most all types of foods. And the searing hot temperatures creates excellent grill marks and crust to the exterior when using the  sous vide technique.

If you want to be the master of the backyard you need both a low/slow and the hot/fast Solaire infrared grill. Don’t settle for anything less than a made in the USA Solaire!

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