Solaire V Shaped Grates VS Round Rods

V-Shaped Grates vs Round Rods On Infrared

All Solaire Infrared Grills come with V-Shaped grilling grates. The V-shaped grates are an integral part of the infrared grilling system. The V-Shaped grids control the drips onto the burners. They work together to control flare ups and produce better tasting and jucier food.

Round Rod grates do not capture any of the juices. All of the juices drop onto the burner that results in flareups and burns the meat and dries out the food. This is not a perfect bbq. The grease on the burner can extingish some of the flames with reduces the infrared effect and also causes burner failure sooner.

Innovative shape Designed To Enhance Flavor

Solaire V-shaped grates result in infrequent drops that instantly vaporizes on the solaires very hot surface. The result is smoked back into the food, enhancing the flavor. However, the round rod grates uncontrollably overwhelm the burners with juice and grease.

All grills with infrared burners are not alike. The design of the V-shaped grates and Solaire infrared burners and the relationship between the two are engineered to provide the Solaire owner the optimal grilling experience.

Are Round Rods Grilling Grates Optimal

Solaire first looked at round rods when they were designing their first infrared grill. But what they immediately found was that round rod grilling produced a flood of juices from the food onto the burner surface. And that leads to flare ups and also a quenching or extinguishing of the burner flame for periods of time untill it burns off the juices and then reignites. During that time you loose infrared intensity.

So Solaire created V-Shaped cooking grates that really controll the drippings down onto the burner surface. Anything that drips down is more controlled. Small drips instead of a flood. This allows the burner to vaporize the drop most times before it even hits the burners. Anything that is left in the V-shaped grates also just burns off into the food and enhances the taste.

The V-Shaped cooking grid is an interval part that works like a dovetail to make the system work as intended. This is where Solaire shines and where they excel. They have dialed and fine tuned these grills to give you the user the greatest grilling experience possible.

Why is a Solaire Infrared Grill so Special?

In the simplest terms, infrared energy is light that we cannot see, but our bodies can detect as heat. It is part of the electromagnetic spectrum that includes radio waves, X-rays and visible light. All of these forms of energy have a specific frequency, as represented in the chart below. Professional steakhouse chefs use ONLY ceramic Infrared Broilers and Grills. Why? Fewer Flare-ups: Drippings are instantly vaporized and turned into flavor enhancing smoke



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