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Shopping For An Infrared Grill? Here’s Some Tips

Did you see an infrared grilling demo and are not shopping for the best one for you? As experts in Infrared Grilling technology there are some important tips that will make sure you end up with a solid long lasting grill on your patio. Grilling at these temperatures is not for the cheaply made grills that will welt in the heat.

So here are some of our top tips when shopping for an infrared grill.

Nothing  Between The Heat And The Grids

It’s important to maintaining the relationship between the food being grilled and the burners. No unnecessary long distance blocking of the two. Over the ceramic burners there is usually a mesh screen and the only other item above that should be the grilling grates. It is important that the food is cooked via direct radient heat and not conduction heat as in some other grills. This cuts down on infrared energy.

So you want to make sure you choose an infrared grill that has no barriers between the burners and the grilling grids blocking the radient heat. You also loose the the extra flavor coming from the drippings that fall onto the burners and are incinerated back up into the food.

Infrared Burners Are Perpendicular With The Food

It’s important the the burners are pointing directly up at the grilling grates and food. Some grills we have seen have them slightly angled to where to food is set. If they are angled you will not get the interchange between the drippings and the food. The drippings empart extra flavor to the food.

How’s the Construction

If you are shopping for an infrared grill online you can’t verify this but if in store make sure you give the grill a hands on test. Give it a solid shake and feel the construcion. Infrared grilling means extremely high heat and this means better construction is required. There must be properly engineered components that will last and provide the value you paid for.

The Good News Is

Yes, the good news is that Solaire has been designing and making these types of grills for many years. All the qualities you are looking for in a grill have been built into the Solaire experience. The Solaire lineup is based upon simplicity and leaves off the fancy gizmos that will soon fail in the high heat. Instead Solaire has features like LED lights available as accessories that can easily be replaced. There is no need for a technician.

did you can you can set up your grill as an Infravection. One burner is Infrared and the other is Convection. You can have the low temperature control of convection and the restaurant quality producing infrared burner on the other.

Happy Grilling to all of you! Grill with Infrared

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