Stainless Steel Rotisserie Kit for 42″ & 56″ Solaire Grills

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Rotisserie for 42″ & 56″ Solaire Grills
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Fits all  42″ and 56″ Solaire grills

If the Solaire grill you choose is not equipped with a rear rotisserie burner, you can still do rotisserie-style cooking with the main grill burners and this optional rotisserie kit.

Three words come to mind when you look at this rotisserie: Heavy duty, well built & durable. If you’ve never BBQ’d with a rotiss’ then you’re missing out on the fun as the unique flavor that the rotisserie brings out in meat is unparalleled. While you’re watching the game, this bad boy is doing all the hard work for you- slowly turning your pineapple\orange infused pork loin into a culinary masterpiece. Bring out your inner chef with this incredible add-on to your Solaire grill.

The kit includes a heavy duty 110v electric motor with 3′ power cord and 1\2″ diameter hexagon oversize spit rod capable of turning 50+ lbs of meat, enough to feed almost any crowd.

1 review for Stainless Steel Rotisserie Kit for 42″ & 56″ Solaire Grills

  1. Jerry & Elaine Mikkels

    W have had our 36″ Solaire for over 2 years now and never had a rotisserie on it and finally bought one. Thank for the quick shipping this is a very sturdy unit we got here!.

    We made an extremely tender pork tenderloin on it earlier this week and it was so juicy and evenly cooked….very nice addon here !!

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