Solaire Gas Grill Knobs


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Easy fit Stainless Steel replacement Knobs for all Solaire backyard grills and AllAbout grills

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Missing a knob from your Solaire grill? No problem; we got what you need right here.

The Metal Stainless Steel knob is the only one that is available now as the black phenolic ones have been upgraded to the heavy duty SS ones. We sincerely apologize for the contrasting look that you grill will have but the stainless steel knobs never give up and will be a much better solution in the long run. Thank you for understanding.

The Solaire and Alfresco control valves feature split valve stems. This features enables users to adjust the D-shaped valve stem by spreading it wider or squeezing it tighter to achieve the desired fit of the knobs—either tighter or looser.
Additionally, a set screw inside the control valve allows for the adjustment of the valve stem’s movement. This influences the control knob’s motion. To make this adjustment, the knob must be pressed in and turned. This safety feature requires the knob to be securely attached to the valve stem.


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