Regulator, Convertible, for Solaire grills (except Portables)


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Regulator for All Large Grills – Item #SOL-6016R
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Regulator, Convertible, for Solaire grills (except Portables)


Genuine Solaire appliance regulator used in all Solaire Grills (except the Solaire Anywhere & Everywhere portable grills). Convert from Natural Gas (5.0″ water column pressure) to Propane (10.0″ water column pressure), and vice-versa) by flipping the cap- (a quarter is the best tool to use to loosen and tighten the bayonet mount of the cap). If you’re doing a full conversion you’ll also have to change out your burner orfices.

NOTE: Inlet pressure to this regulator must not exceed 14″ water column pressure (1/2 psig). This regulator and grill must be isolated when conducting high pressure leak test of piping system- failure to do so will cause internal rupturing in the regulator.


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