Propane Hose & Regulator for 21″- 30″ Gas Grills


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Propane Hose & Regulator for 21″, 21XL, 27″, 27XL, & 30″ Grills- Item #SOL-6067R
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36″ LP Hose & Regulator to connect grill to 20 lb. BBQ Propane Tank

Used in all 30″ and smaller Solaire Grills with Propane (21″, 21XL, 27″, 27XL, & 30″). For 36″ and larger, see SOL-G2R150A


36-inch long hose and regulator to attach 30-inch and smaller Solaire grills (not portables) to 20 lb. propane tanks. This is the hose that attaches to the underside gas inlet area of the grill & to a 20 lb. propane bottle tucked underneath the cart or pedestal stand.


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