Electrode, Wire, & Bracket for IRBQ27G (Petite) SOL-2732R-PET


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Electrode, Wire, & Bracket for IRBQ27G (Petite) – Item #SOL-2732R-PET
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Electrode, wire & bracket for IRBQ-27G Petite Solaire Grill with three burners


  • Special bracket and bend in electrode specifically to fit the 27 Petite Solaire Grill (No longer sold)


Note: after reinstalling your replacement igniter-electrode, make sure it is not touching the burner or the burner screen or you will ground the connection and there will be either no spark or it will spark in an incorrect place. Lift up or push down on the igniter-electrode to adjust it so it floats in between the burner and screen and can spark as intended.

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