How To Find The Correct Solaire Grate Size

If you use your Solaire Infrared Grill as much as you should, it is inevitable that you will have to replace your Grilling Grates at some point. Because of the intense heat they will wear out as with most grills, Infrared or not. We are here to make sure you know what replacement size to get and we made this easy for you.

You can either measure the existing solaire grilling grates or if you are sure you know the name of your grill you can refer to our handy chart below. And if you don’t know what grill you have you can measure your existing grates and cross reference to discover what grill you do have!

The information sticker on the drip tray usually has this information, but these will fade away to the point where they can’t be read anymore. You can determine the type of Solaire grill you have, regardless of its age, by measuring one of the grilling grates with a measuring tape.

Grill SizeWidthLengthNotes
Anywhere or Everywhere Grates15 1/4″11 1/4″1 per grill
Accent/ Demo Grill/ AllAbout Single Grates11 3/8″13 7/8″1 per grill
AllAbout Double Grates21 1/8″13 7/8″1 per grill
21″ Grates8 5/8″13 3/4″2 per grill
21XL Grates8 5/8″16 5/8″2 per grill
27″ Grates11 3/8″13 7/8″2 per grill
27XL Grates11 3/8″16 3/4″2 per grill
30″ Grates12 3/4″19″2 per grill
36″ Grates12 3/4″19″2 per grill + one 5 7/8″ w x 19″ l
42″ Grates12 3/4″19″2 per grill + one 11 3/4″ w x 19″ l
56″ Grates (with integrated Side BURNER)12 3/4″19″2 per grill + one 11 3/4″ w x 19″ l
56T Grates12 3/4″19″4 per grill
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