5 Infrared Grilling Myths

There are some misconceptions that we want to clear up about Infrared Grills. There are 5 points of misinformation that has spread in the industry based on peoples personal experience cooking with Infrared. We want to address these myths about infrared grilling and give you the truth and the real experience that Solaire Infrared grilling

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Kansas City BBQ Sauce Recipe

Kansas City BBQ Sauce Don’t be fooled- Homemade sauce is worth every minute of the time it takes to craft it. It’s rich, sweet, tangy flavors will make you wonder why you ever bothered with bland, boring, store bought sauce. * * * 2 Tbsp. powdered ancho, poblano or New Mexico chilis 1 Tbsp. fresh

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Grilled Chile Lime Sweet Corn

Grilled Chile Lime Sweet Corn

This is a very easy recipe and we promise you will never look at sweet corn the same again Ingredients 3 sweet corn, shucked and cleaned 1\4-1\3 stick of butter 1 fresh lime; don’t use the bottle juice as it doesn’t taste the same Chile powder Fire up your infrared grill and give it the

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The 3 Types of Grills

The 3 Types of BBQ Grills

Here at Grill with Infrared we keep it simple and narrow down the different types of Grills into 3. HOT/FAST LOW/SLOW EVERYTHING ELSE The Hot/Fast is the Infrared Grill The Hot/fast grill is the Solaire infrared grill which heats up to 1000 degrees in only 3 minutes. This happens even in the middle chill of

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