5 Infrared Grilling Myths

There are some misconceptions that we want to clear up about Infrared Grills. There are 5 points of misinformation that has spread in the industry based on peoples personal experience cooking with Infrared. We want to address these myths about infrared grilling and give you the truth and the real experience that Solaire Infrared grilling brings to the table.

Infrared Burners Are Not All The Same

Some of the infrared type grills you find in big box stores are really another type of convection heat. Above the burner you can have a v shaped plate with tiny holes. The heat seaps through these holes and goes up to the V shaped grilling grates. These grates end up trapping the heat.

The issue with this is you are again missing out on the interaction between the drippings from the food and the flame. This is lost flavor that could be vaporized by the Solaire Burners and brought back up into your food. This is more of a convected heat and conducted up into your food.

Another similar style you will find is one that has the same 2 bar burner but this one heats up an area underneath a full sheet of steel that than conducts and radiates the heat up through the grilling grids to the food. A lot of heat is being trapped underneath and it ends up being a conductive heat. Again you do not have the necessary vaporization of the drippings back up into the food as you do with direct Solaire Burner.

Infrared Burners On Grills Are Only Good For Searing

This is a misconception most likely due to inexperience or just low end inadequate components. With a finely tuned burner system you have proven versatility. Solaire has tested their burners and their systems with all kinds of different foods. Not just steaks and burgers but Solaire has proven the grill with chicken, seafood, vegetables. The food just turns out soo much better on a Solaire because of the high heat. Learn it before you burn it.

Blocking Ports On Infrared Burners is Good

There are some grills you may have come accross with an infrared area that has some of the ports blocked off or the burners are just too small. A manufacturer may have been hesitant to give you the full heat and that would be due to inexperience. Solaire has the full infrared intensity in direct communication with your food. Solaire even offers a hybrid Infrared Conventional system if you want lower heat on one side and the high intenstiy infrared on the other.

The system on a Solaire infrared Grill is modular and the burners can be swapped out in minutes.

Don’t think for a second that all infrared grills or grills with an infrared burner give you the same experience. With that in mind you will end up just buying the cheaper grill.

You Can Change Out a Conventional Burner To Infrared

With a conventional burner you are just heating the air around the food. With an infrared you are heating the food directly. Just swapping out a conventional burner for an infrared without properly engineering the distance between the burner and the food will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth about infrared.

If they are too close witch they may be it will just char the outside and leave the inside rare. Too far away and there is just not enough heat for optimal results.

Solaire has actually got this down to a science. Their formula is precise and they call it the Infrared Intensity Index or 3I. You take the max BDU of the burner and divide it by the cubic inch area above the burner to the grids. That is the length x width x height of the area directly above the burner.

Solaire with all their testing found the optimal number is 50. You can check this against any other gas grill that claims to have infrared. They may have infrared but you will not get the optimal experience if that number is not 50.

Round Rod Grilling Grates Are the Best

Solaire tested the round rods vs the Solaire v shaped grates. Round rods lead to more flareups and almost extinguishes the flame for a short period of time which reduces the intensity. With the v shaped the drip is controlled and the burner can keep up with the drips and insinerate the flavor back up into the food. And the drippins into the v shaped grids will make sure the flavor is not lost and insinerate it back up into your food. This multi purpose design is an ingenious system is a big part of makes Solaire Grills the best Infrared Grills on the market.

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