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Solaire Infrared Grills are the best Infrared Grills you can buy on the market today. They are made right here in the USA with a focus on high grilling performance, friendly servicing, efficient design, outstanding finish and best of all is the infrared burner system that produces food that equals and rivals top restaurants.

Besides all this, Solaire also boasts one of the largest selections of infrared grills. From compact to the largest in class. The Mini, Anywhere, and Everywhere are portable Solaire grills and perfect for tailgating and adventurers on the move. Solaire’s best-selling 27XL is where price and size converge. The 36” is the size most often specified by kitchen designers, while Solaire’s 56” is the largest infrared grill currently on the market.

Solaire provides numerous accessories like griddles, smoker boxes, steamers, and fryers to enhance your backyard grilling experience, along with an extensive offering of drawers, bartending centers, refrigerators, and more to complete your outdoor kitchen.


More Flavorful Food: Solaire Grills direct heat sears food quickly, locking in moisture and natural flavor


Fewer Flare-ups: Drippings are instantly vaporized and turned into flavor enhancing smoke


Even Heating: Thousands of gas ports per burner create a uniform cooking temperature.


Our Solaire Infrared Grills have lots of options!

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